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Thursday, May 15, 2008

We've Moved to a New Location!

Whew...We have just moved to a new location on main street. Exactly 3 weeks ago we closed and started packing, cleaning, painting, and moving. We reopened the shop last week and now we are trying to catch our breath. But all looks great.
My husband is still with me and truth be told I think he is happy with how everything
turned out. He is my painter and moving supervisor.
Here is a picture of the front door. We painted the woodwork a great blue and
had the sign company design a picket fence. Hope you like it. I will add some
shots of the interior next. The new address is 28A East Main Street. To the left is
"Chocolate Obsession", chocolates, candies, & ice cream. To the right is "Main Street Coffee", coffee and tea. I am loving the new location. Looking forward to seeing you.

Signed, Shopkeeper