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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rosebud Snippets-"Papa's Pumpkins", as written by Martha Holbrook

The toes of Rosebud's boots were wet from walking through the grass in the early morning. The fog hung heavy with the sunshine waiting just on the other side. Looking up Rosebud saw Papa pulling the wagon up beside the pumpkin patch. She looked out over the field where the bright orange pumpkins sat scattered among the wilted and browning vines. Rosebud loved to see all the different and odd shapes of the pumpkins. She gathered a basket full of her favorites for Mama to use in their fall decorations and set it on the front seat of the wagon. A smile played around Papa's mouth as he watched Rosebud silently count and calculate the pumpkins. Every year he would take his wagon load of pumpkins to the fair. Mrs. Flannery claimed that Papa's pumpkins made the best pies and she would only buy from him. Of course, Mrs. Flannery's pies always won and she made plenty for everyone. As they headed home all the trees and grasses were showing signs that fall was quickly on its way. The leaves were turning rich golds, reds, and browns, and the air had a new freshness that brushed against Rosebud's face. As they pulled the wagon up Mama came out to admire their fine crop of pumpkins. Rosebud handed down the basket with the pumpkins she had saved for Mama. Now, the fall season had officially begun.