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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit

One of our favorites - Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.  We have collected some of the cutest items.  Each letter has a character from the many stories.  Fun for everyone, one of our customers bought the letters for her name & put them on a shelf in her sewing room.

Letters $8.99 ea

Enchanted Season

Garden Tree
with whimsical "Enchanted Season" ornaments $9.99ea.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rosebud Snippet - "The Christmas Box" as written by Martha Holbrook

The big front porch filled with laughter, hugs, and handshakes as family and friends gathered. Papa and Mama greeted everyone. The Christmas Eve gathering was Rosebud’s favorite family tradition. Mama and Papa started the Christmas Eve gathering when they were first married. Sitting on the table beside the front door was a wooden Christmas box. Papa had made it for Mama as a Christmas gift. Throughout the years Papa had carved a beautiful nativity and Mama had painted it. The nativity was stored safely all year in the special Christmas box. The clock in the hall chimed six times, everyone quieted down, they knew it was time for Mama to open the Christmas box, she handed a different piece of the nativity to someone from each family. Mama handed Rosebud the nativity angel, Rosebud had always felt that the Christ child shared this special angel with her. Papa and Mama led everyone down the steps and out into the garden, the snow glistened from the light of the full moon. Henry held Rosebud’s hand as they walked through the crisp night air. To light the way, Papa had placed glass jars with candles along the path. They made their way to the clearing and Papa hung the lantern above the crèche he had built. Papa read from Luke, his rich voice told the story of the first Christmas and as he read, each piece of the nativity was set into place. Being out in the night, with the stars and the moon above, the Christmas story became even more real to everyone. They could understand how the shepherds felt, feel the presence of the angels, and imagine the sheer grandeur of the moment.
Little Anna had been appointed to ring the Christmas bell. As the soft chime of the bell faded into the quiet night Mama led everyone in singing Away in a Manger, the caroling continued as they walked back along the path. Laughter and voices filled the night air as they anticipated the warmth of the fire, hot chocolate, and cookies. Henry put his arm around Rosebud and she thought how warm and safe she felt near him. Both walked along without saying a word, each in their own thoughts. Thoughts, that someday, together, they could continue the family tradition and begin some of their own. They simply looked at each other and smiled, for now, keeping their thoughts secret.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rosebud Snippets - "Papa's 3 Sisters" as written by Martha Holbrook

The new 1931 Ford sitting in the front yard of the house was shiny black and the glass windows sparkled. Aunt Sadie had just purchased her first car. She had driven Aunt Jane and Aunt Lizabeth over to show Mama and Papa the new car. These adventurous women were Papa’s three older sisters. All three had lost their husbands in the war. They decided to move in together and live in the family home place since it was empty and large enough for them to be comfortable. They had no children of their own so Rosebud had been the center of their attention most all of her life.
Aunt Sadie was the daring one, she loved to travel, she taught herself how to drive a car, shoot a rifle, and debated news worthy issues. Aunt Jane loved to cook, she made the most wonderful dishes, and her garden was always brimming with herbs and vegetables. Aunt Lizabeth was the scholar, she loved to read and write, study the Bible, and travel as well. They were certainly aunts’ extraordinaire.
Papa just took it all in stride; after all he had grown up with them and loved each one for exactly who they were. They loved Papa and adored Mama; she was just like another sister. Aunts Sadie, Jane, and Lizabeth had come to ask if Rosebud could go on a trip with them. They wanted to visit some sites, attend a theater production, and stay at a spa and resort. Aunt Lizabeth wanted to try the mineral water pools for her aches and pains. After they explained all the travel plans and route they would take Mama and Papa agreed for Rosebud to go with them. They would surprise her with the news at dinner. Papa knew that all of these women would not take no for an answer, and of course his three feisty sisters would take good care of Rosebud. Chuckling, his only comment was, “You four women will have to pack light…”

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rosebud Snippets-"Papa's Pumpkins", as written by Martha Holbrook

The toes of Rosebud's boots were wet from walking through the grass in the early morning. The fog hung heavy with the sunshine waiting just on the other side. Looking up Rosebud saw Papa pulling the wagon up beside the pumpkin patch. She looked out over the field where the bright orange pumpkins sat scattered among the wilted and browning vines. Rosebud loved to see all the different and odd shapes of the pumpkins. She gathered a basket full of her favorites for Mama to use in their fall decorations and set it on the front seat of the wagon. A smile played around Papa's mouth as he watched Rosebud silently count and calculate the pumpkins. Every year he would take his wagon load of pumpkins to the fair. Mrs. Flannery claimed that Papa's pumpkins made the best pies and she would only buy from him. Of course, Mrs. Flannery's pies always won and she made plenty for everyone. As they headed home all the trees and grasses were showing signs that fall was quickly on its way. The leaves were turning rich golds, reds, and browns, and the air had a new freshness that brushed against Rosebud's face. As they pulled the wagon up Mama came out to admire their fine crop of pumpkins. Rosebud handed down the basket with the pumpkins she had saved for Mama. Now, the fall season had officially begun.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rosebud Snippets- "The Wren's Song", as written by Martha Holbrook

The little brown wren hopped along the wooded path just ahead of Rosebud. Thick fern fronds brushed against Rosebud's skirt as she walked. She stepped on three flat rocks counting them one-two-three and then stopped to listen. The little wren stopped too as if waiting for Rosebud to continue. Standing quietly, just listening to the stillness she noticed the little wren was sitting beside a lovely, pink lady slipper. Rosebud took out her sketch book from her bag and made a few quick sketches to use later. She jumped when an acorn dropped on her hand. Looking up she saw the flick of a tail of a grey squirrel as it ran across the tree limb above her head. The path turned down as she continued to walk. Looking through the trees she could see the open field. The quiet turned into sweet music as the song of the wren played for her the rest of her walk home.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th!

Rosebud in the July 4th Parade.

Rosebud forever! He has a tattoo with Rosebud.

July 4th!

What a fun day. Our town has a "hometown" style parade with kids, dogs, flags, drillteam, cars, and vintage firetruck ending with a best patriotic pets and free watermelon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vote for our"Bras for the Cause"

Check out our "Bra for the Cause". The Foundation for Angel Medical Center is raising funds for the new digital mammography machine in the Breast Cancer Center. Bras are being decorated and will be worn in the walkathon on Saturday, July 11. Registration 10am with walk at 11am. Early registration $15 & day of $20. Checks are to be made out to Angel Medical Center and marked “Bras for the Cause” or “walkathon” and will be tax deductible. Register to walk and wear your decorated bra or Vote for our Bra with a donation, the shop with the most money wins! Drop by and support the cause. Vote for Rosebud Cottage's Bra for the Cause.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rosebud Snippets - "The Silver Mirror" as written by Martha Holbrook

Mr. Malley shouted a greeting to Rosebud as he swung open the garden gate and hurried to where Rosebud sat in the warm morning sun. He opened the brown leather satchel he carried over his shoulder and pulled out a brown paper wrapped package. He pointed to the mailing address; it was from Henry in Paris. Rosebud ran her finger tips over the bold masculine script. She thanked Mr. Malley for bringing the package to her and he bid her goodbye. Rosebud smiled to herself as she untied the string and opened the package. Inside was a beautiful silver hand mirror. The card read, “To Rosebud, when you look into this mirror know that you are looking at my one true love. I am counting the days until I return. All my love, Henry.” Tears slowly slid down Rosebuds cheeks, she could not believe that she was so blessed to have Henry in her life.

April In Paris Event

Congratulations to Margaret Grantham winner of the Vintage Purse Gift Basket valued at $75. This was the grand prize at our April In Paris Event.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rosebud Cottage on Facebook

Rosebud Cottage is now on Facebook. Be sure to join us as a Fan.

Rosebud Snippets - "Mama's Present" as written by Martha Holbrook

One more, just one more. Rosebud checked each hen's nest for one more egg to fill the basket for market. She finally found one in the last nest, it would be just enough to buy Mama the new teapot and cups she had found. Each morning Mama poured tea into the last teacup from the old tea set. When she finished, Mama always set her teacup on the window sill in the kitchen. Over the years the favorite cups had all been broken but one. Rosebud counted the eggs in the basket one more time and headed to the market. Fresh eggs always sold quickly. She hurried to the shop to pick up her gift for Mama. It would be the pink and white tea set called "Petit Rose", she knew Mama would love it. It would be the perfect gift.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rosebud Cottage "April in Paris"

Our first annual, "April in Paris", event was held on Saturday, April 18, 2009. We had a great turnout and everyone had a great time.

Monica Collier, author of "Unwritten", signed books for customers at the event. Parts of the story take place in Paris.
Monica telling Barbara & Carol about her book.

Rosebud Cottage ~ April in Paris ~ 2009

Rosebud Cottage Celebrates "April in Paris". We had a lovely event. Helen Lambert, local artist, painted a beautiful garden scene. Sandi Parker assisted with the painting. Jennifer Moe & Brenda Brown set up a display of their favorite photos and items from their Paris trips. Customers received a special tote bag with an Eiffel Tower design with their purchase.

Jennifer Moe and Brenda Brown share photos and stories about their trip to Paris

Sandi Parker & Brenda look on as Helen paints.

Brenda & Connie

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rosebud Snippets-"Spring Garden" as written by Martha Holbrook

To read the story of Rosebud Cottage go to
Rosebud sat on her knees on the mound of soft pine needles she had gathered to mulch the new garden. Papa clicked his lips at old Pat, the big white farm horse. He lined up the pointed edge of the plow and started down the first row turning over the rich, brown dirt. Rosebud could smell the musty scent of the freshly upturned earth. It made her very happy picturing all the shades of green, the textures of the plants, and the wonderful surprise of the vegetables as they start to grow. Her garden basket held seeds for beans, corn, okra, lettuce, carrots, squash, peas, and other favorites. The onions and lettuce would be planted first. Papa winked at Rosebud as he brought Pat back up the second row. He smiled knowing how happy planting a new garden made Rosebud.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Charms! New at Rosebud Cottage.

Charms! How fun are these charms! Whimsical images incorporated into unique wearable art. All photo charms are double-sided and display two distinctive images which can be worn as simple pendants, or combined into elaborate charm bracelets and necklaces. Birds, flowers, friends, fun sentiments, and more. Great selection, start your collection now! 20% off March 12 - 31, 2009.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Uglydolls" arrive at Rosebud Cottage!

The most unique doll sweeping the country! Plush collectibles each has it's own personality. Our friend Grant loves all of the characters, one of his favorites is OX, that's hugs & kisses. OX will love you and hug you with his ears because he has short arms. Big Toe, Babo's Bird and Puglee are some of the other fun characters. Cute and cuddly. Lots of fun just waiting for you!

Signed: Shopkeeper XOXO

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008

This was our first Christmas at our new location. We had a great season and lots of fun with customers. We added to the front some additional blue woodwork and a white picket fence. White lights, a wreath and greenery set the front for our Christmas season. Rosebud greeted guests during the WindowWonderland event held on the first 2 Friday nights in December. Shops have live Victorian characters in the windows and were open until 8pm. Rosebud Cottage served hot cider for shoppers.

The shop was decorated with a flower tree and garden ornaments. Just inside the store was a Santa table with special Santas, trees, and snowmen.In the bench beside the flower tree we displayed Grandmothers gift giving items. Teasets, dolls, samplers bragging about grandchildren, and toys. Shoppers could come in out of the cold and warm up by the fire while they shopped and visited. In our parlor we have two sofas for weary husbands to rest or friends to take a few minutes to sit and chat and take a break.

Rosebud Cottage also featured a doll tree in the parlor. Behind the fireplace in the background is the wedding gown display. We offer over 100 gowns at 50% discount. New accessories are also available. Christmas time is such a great time, we met some really great people this year.

Nostalgic decorations, ornaments, plaques, books, and dishware were part of this display.

Sale time has arrived and all remaining Christmas is 50% off. We are planning for our trip to the gift market to look for cute Spring items.
Time passes so quickly. Enjoy each and every day!

Signed: Shopkeeper