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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rosebud Snippets - "The Silver Mirror" as written by Martha Holbrook

Mr. Malley shouted a greeting to Rosebud as he swung open the garden gate and hurried to where Rosebud sat in the warm morning sun. He opened the brown leather satchel he carried over his shoulder and pulled out a brown paper wrapped package. He pointed to the mailing address; it was from Henry in Paris. Rosebud ran her finger tips over the bold masculine script. She thanked Mr. Malley for bringing the package to her and he bid her goodbye. Rosebud smiled to herself as she untied the string and opened the package. Inside was a beautiful silver hand mirror. The card read, “To Rosebud, when you look into this mirror know that you are looking at my one true love. I am counting the days until I return. All my love, Henry.” Tears slowly slid down Rosebuds cheeks, she could not believe that she was so blessed to have Henry in her life.

April In Paris Event

Congratulations to Margaret Grantham winner of the Vintage Purse Gift Basket valued at $75. This was the grand prize at our April In Paris Event.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Rosebud Snippets - "Mama's Present" as written by Martha Holbrook

One more, just one more. Rosebud checked each hen's nest for one more egg to fill the basket for market. She finally found one in the last nest, it would be just enough to buy Mama the new teapot and cups she had found. Each morning Mama poured tea into the last teacup from the old tea set. When she finished, Mama always set her teacup on the window sill in the kitchen. Over the years the favorite cups had all been broken but one. Rosebud counted the eggs in the basket one more time and headed to the market. Fresh eggs always sold quickly. She hurried to the shop to pick up her gift for Mama. It would be the pink and white tea set called "Petit Rose", she knew Mama would love it. It would be the perfect gift.