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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit

One of our favorites - Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.  We have collected some of the cutest items.  Each letter has a character from the many stories.  Fun for everyone, one of our customers bought the letters for her name & put them on a shelf in her sewing room.

Letters $8.99 ea

Enchanted Season

Garden Tree
with whimsical "Enchanted Season" ornaments $9.99ea.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rosebud Snippet - "The Christmas Box" as written by Martha Holbrook

The big front porch filled with laughter, hugs, and handshakes as family and friends gathered. Papa and Mama greeted everyone. The Christmas Eve gathering was Rosebud’s favorite family tradition. Mama and Papa started the Christmas Eve gathering when they were first married. Sitting on the table beside the front door was a wooden Christmas box. Papa had made it for Mama as a Christmas gift. Throughout the years Papa had carved a beautiful nativity and Mama had painted it. The nativity was stored safely all year in the special Christmas box. The clock in the hall chimed six times, everyone quieted down, they knew it was time for Mama to open the Christmas box, she handed a different piece of the nativity to someone from each family. Mama handed Rosebud the nativity angel, Rosebud had always felt that the Christ child shared this special angel with her. Papa and Mama led everyone down the steps and out into the garden, the snow glistened from the light of the full moon. Henry held Rosebud’s hand as they walked through the crisp night air. To light the way, Papa had placed glass jars with candles along the path. They made their way to the clearing and Papa hung the lantern above the crèche he had built. Papa read from Luke, his rich voice told the story of the first Christmas and as he read, each piece of the nativity was set into place. Being out in the night, with the stars and the moon above, the Christmas story became even more real to everyone. They could understand how the shepherds felt, feel the presence of the angels, and imagine the sheer grandeur of the moment.
Little Anna had been appointed to ring the Christmas bell. As the soft chime of the bell faded into the quiet night Mama led everyone in singing Away in a Manger, the caroling continued as they walked back along the path. Laughter and voices filled the night air as they anticipated the warmth of the fire, hot chocolate, and cookies. Henry put his arm around Rosebud and she thought how warm and safe she felt near him. Both walked along without saying a word, each in their own thoughts. Thoughts, that someday, together, they could continue the family tradition and begin some of their own. They simply looked at each other and smiled, for now, keeping their thoughts secret.