Rosebud Cottage is a sweet gift shoppe designed around a fictional personality of "Rosebud", she loves home, family and her idea of true love. Flowers, birds, bunnies, dishes, new and vintage can be found in the shop's inventory with a touch of "whimsy" for good measure. Located at 28A East Main Street, Franklin, NC. 828.369.2429, Read Rosebud's stories here on our Blog.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rosebud Snippets-"Spring Garden" as written by Martha Holbrook

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Rosebud sat on her knees on the mound of soft pine needles she had gathered to mulch the new garden. Papa clicked his lips at old Pat, the big white farm horse. He lined up the pointed edge of the plow and started down the first row turning over the rich, brown dirt. Rosebud could smell the musty scent of the freshly upturned earth. It made her very happy picturing all the shades of green, the textures of the plants, and the wonderful surprise of the vegetables as they start to grow. Her garden basket held seeds for beans, corn, okra, lettuce, carrots, squash, peas, and other favorites. The onions and lettuce would be planted first. Papa winked at Rosebud as he brought Pat back up the second row. He smiled knowing how happy planting a new garden made Rosebud.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Charms! New at Rosebud Cottage.

Charms! How fun are these charms! Whimsical images incorporated into unique wearable art. All photo charms are double-sided and display two distinctive images which can be worn as simple pendants, or combined into elaborate charm bracelets and necklaces. Birds, flowers, friends, fun sentiments, and more. Great selection, start your collection now! 20% off March 12 - 31, 2009.