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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rosebud Snippets - "Papa's 3 Sisters" as written by Martha Holbrook

The new 1931 Ford sitting in the front yard of the house was shiny black and the glass windows sparkled. Aunt Sadie had just purchased her first car. She had driven Aunt Jane and Aunt Lizabeth over to show Mama and Papa the new car. These adventurous women were Papa’s three older sisters. All three had lost their husbands in the war. They decided to move in together and live in the family home place since it was empty and large enough for them to be comfortable. They had no children of their own so Rosebud had been the center of their attention most all of her life.
Aunt Sadie was the daring one, she loved to travel, she taught herself how to drive a car, shoot a rifle, and debated news worthy issues. Aunt Jane loved to cook, she made the most wonderful dishes, and her garden was always brimming with herbs and vegetables. Aunt Lizabeth was the scholar, she loved to read and write, study the Bible, and travel as well. They were certainly aunts’ extraordinaire.
Papa just took it all in stride; after all he had grown up with them and loved each one for exactly who they were. They loved Papa and adored Mama; she was just like another sister. Aunts Sadie, Jane, and Lizabeth had come to ask if Rosebud could go on a trip with them. They wanted to visit some sites, attend a theater production, and stay at a spa and resort. Aunt Lizabeth wanted to try the mineral water pools for her aches and pains. After they explained all the travel plans and route they would take Mama and Papa agreed for Rosebud to go with them. They would surprise her with the news at dinner. Papa knew that all of these women would not take no for an answer, and of course his three feisty sisters would take good care of Rosebud. Chuckling, his only comment was, “You four women will have to pack light…”